sustainability | green apartments & lifestyle along the mississippi river

We take sustainability seriously at Cozē. Our green rental apartments just steps from the Mississippi River in Minneapolis include:

passive solar design

brings the sunshine into your home all winter long

led and fluorescent lighting systems

our state-of-the-art lighting systems minimize costs while casting a cozē glow

high efficiency, full size washers and dryers in every unit

use less detergent and water and make your favorite pair of jeans last longer

indoor bicycle parking

simplify your U of M commute, and enjoy the river trails with Cozē’s easy and secure bike parking

nice ride bike station

like a good friend, Nice Ride bikes are always there when you need them…hop on and explore

green roofs and terraces

be a part of nature in St. Anthony Main as you enjoy our tranquil garden retreat

low voc paint

non-toxic paint means healthy walls, healthy lives, and superior air quality

a white membrane roof for energy efficiency

cools our Dinkytown oasis while also reducing the need for more electricity to run our air conditioners

walk to everything

Cozē is an easy stroll to University of Minnesota, downtown Minneapolis, the Mississippi River, shops, and the city’s best specialty food stores

car share everywhere

live car free but have a car when you need it. HourCar is right in your neighborhood